Berry has a surprise for his wife

Hey Beau…
Just wanted you to know the box arrived today. It’ bigger than I thought….LOL. Didn’t open it… want to be surprised with Padi on Christmas. I will send you an update then 🙂 she will love em!
Thanks again Beau!


Judy is Happy

We just wanted to let you know that the Frog arrived safely. It has already made us laugh and I’m sure it will give us pleasure day after day. You have a gift for giving personality to metal. We’ll send you a picture of it when we have installed it in our garden.

Thanks for your attention from beginning to end.

All the best,


Jeanette is Happy

Mr Froggie just arrived! That’s one BIG, STURDY crate! I’m really pleased…and he is smiling in his new spot. I’m glad I decided on the “adult size”. Though my backyard is small, he fits in perfectly and gives off that whimsy and jaunty air I was looking for. He’ll make my day, each day! Best […]


I was in town today and took pictures of itsa…I was in the office and they told me that last weekend (Winter Fest in Cedarburg) there was a line of people waiting to have their picture taken with itsa. We have a picture of a little boy kissing itsa. (It was not above freezing!!)


Mr. Smith, I recently saw one of your frogs at Jules of Morocco in Multnomah Village (Portland, Oregon) and fell in love…I love the idea of the smaller frog as well…Love that and you will hear from me again! Becky O.