I am Beau Smith, maker of the large, human sized copper frog, and more. I make smaller sized frogs as well. These are a list of testimonials for my work. I’ve been doing what I do, making and selling my frog sculptures, for 30 years, so obviously this is a simple slice, a small portion of the mail I’ve received of people who love my frogs.

Please consider becoming a happy customer. My main website is http: beautifulfrog.com . Take a look if you haven’t already.

Note: The blog says “written by”, and obviously I didn’t write these things. The people who sent me the emails wrote them. Also, although my name is Beau Smith, my spiritual name is Bhaskar. I teach meditation. (Teaching meditation is a service, I don’t make money at it, I simply want to give back.)  So that is the name I have on wordpress. I haven’t been about to change this so far. I would rather for my art that I be called Beau Smith, but wordpress doesn’t co-operate.